Spigot MurderMystery 1.5

TrollyLoki's fully customizable Murder Mystery minigame

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    MurderMystery - TrollyLoki's remake of the classic Murder Mystery game in Minecraft

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  2. When you run the /mm start <map> command it adds all players who are currently online to the game
  3. You have screenshots ?
  4. I can provide screenshots if you would like to see them

    EDIT: If you are looking for screenshots of the map you play on, the plugin does not include built-in maps, it is designed for you to build your own
  5. Ok. may I ask why the setup is done using the config?
  6. Because, in my opinion at least, it is easier to visualize the many options available in a text file. However, I have thought about adding an in-game command to create a map at the position of the player with some default settings. Is that something you would like to see added?
  7. yes. that would be very nice. also, maybe something like a "pray to kali" from hypixel
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    Added create and delete commands

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  9. Does anybody have this running successfully on 1.13. yet ?
  10. How do you join a game
  11. /mm start <map> joins all online players into the game
  12. 这是一个非常有趣的插件。它具有基本功能,非常完整,但它缺乏一个功能,即记分牌。秘密室杀手的大厅里没有可配置的记分牌。我认为应该这样做。加个记分牌,辛苦了,希望作者能看到这个评论