Spigot Music 2.7.34

Play custom music on your server.

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    Music - Play custom music on your server.

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  2. Will it support 1.11?
  3. Yes. The only thing that has changed is that 1.11 now wants you to change the version in the pack.mcmeta from 1 to 2. The thing is, resourcepacks with 1 will still work, they will just be highlighted red in the resourcepack folder. The thing is, this is an issue with the resourcepacks you create, not with the plugin.
  4. Can music be played in a region or radius? i.e I want to play music in a spawn or dungeon
  5. Make compatible with 1.12 plssssssssssss
  6. Are you having any problems running Music on 1.12? Music should support 1.12. What exactly is the issues you are experiencing?
  7. Consolé spam :p
    Pls make a versión for 1.12 :D
  8. Not working, tried everything and read all documentation. No (additional) sounds or songs work. Using Spigot v1_12_R1 and Minecraft 1.12 (no ViaVersion plugin or equivalent). Any suggestions or ideas?
  9. What do you mean by additional? If you mean sounds added from a resourcepack you created, then make sure the soundname you provided works (you can use the /playsound to test it).

    Do the test sounds provided by default work (Such as windmill or iphone)? If it does, then that means its not an issue with the plugin itself but the specific sounds you are trying to play.
  10. None of the ones in the test pack work, only the default Minecraft ones.

    P.S. Sorry for the late reply :p
  11. Are you sure you are using the newest version of the resourcepack which was updated when 2.7.12 was released (*found here)? The old resourcepack did not work because the sound names have to now be lower case. Does the problem still happen for the new version? If it does, try using:
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    /playsound iphone Master <Your Name> ~ ~ ~ 1 1
  12. Is it possible to interrupt a sound/music track by playing another sound/music track? I had a idea that you could trigger a song to play in a area, then going into another area that song would be canceled if it was still playing and then a new song would play after.
  13. Currently, there is no way to interrupt sounds playing on the client. However, you can change the volume of the sounds so that they stay in their areas.
  14. So you wouldn't be able to add a stop sound command for /music playonce? I think it would be quite helpful but i'll have to find a way around this as its not possible right now. Thank you for the response! xD
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    Fixed naming.

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  16. En 1.8 los sonidos se enciman unos arriba de otros, y se escuchan mal todos mezclados.

    y SpotiCraft no requiere de una ventana emergente, tambien es con un texture pack. te pasare un video http://www.mc-market.org/resources/4965/ y el owner te agrega todas las canciones que tu quieras
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    Added 20 more songs!

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