Must Have plugins for a Faction Server

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  1. If this was posted in the wrong thread I apologize I didn't know where else it should go.

    If you need help setting up a Factions server or really and type of server I am willing to help out. Skype me: Eaglez_ is my username

    If there were some plugins missed then post bellow.

    Factions Server:

    Must Have Plugins!

    • Essentials: No need for explaining, this plugin is needed for every server, no questions asked.
    • GroupManager or PermissionsEx: This is a basic permissions plugin needed for every server! Allows you to create groups and set prefixes and suffixes, add permissions to use certain commands, and even create donation ranks with this. Recommended you use GroupManager if you're not the best with plugins because it's easier to use (Can be configured)
    • ClearLag: This isn't mandatory but it's very helpful. This clears lag. Depending on what it removes is all configurable but some things are Mobs, Items on the ground, etc... (Can be configured)
    • AutoBroadcaster: This is one of many plugins that Automatically broadcasts messages to players. Very helpful and key for medium and large servers. (Can be configured)
    • WorldBorder: This plugin sets a maximum world size so players can't go past certain coordinates. (Can be configured)
    • WorldGuard: This plugin allows you to create regions and allow certain things in each region. Example: Pvp regions, spawn regions, etc....
    • Votifier: This plugin is needed for every server. Allows players to vote for your server and receive a reward. (Additional Plugins Needed)
    • NoCheatPlus: This plugin blocks all those hackers. Notifying you when somebody does something suspicious and blocking Flying, Spider, and other various hacked clients.
    • CombatTag: This plugin makes pvploggers pay. Meaning you can make it either leave their body in pvp and someone could just walk up and kill it, make them pay a certain amount of cash, or even just drop all their loot. (Can be configured)
    • MassiveCore: This plugin is needed in order for Factions to work
    • Factions: I'm pretty sure if you don't know what this is you really shouldn't be making this type of server.... (Can be configured)
    • PVPTimer: Set the amount of time players have pvp disabled for. Generally used for new players when they first join so they can make it away from the pvp zone and the donators without getting slaughtered. Very helpful for new players!(Can be configured)
    • Vault: Almost every plugin has a relationship with this one. Trust me you will need this.
    • ObbyDestructor: This allows you to blow up Obsidian with a certain number of hits with TNT (Can be configured)
    Optional Plugins: (Mostly improvements and fun plugins)

    • Playtime: This plugin tracks player time and online time so you can see what players have the top playtime!
    • KitPreview: This plugin allows you to preview kits. Make a sign that says KitPreview then the kitname and players will be able to see the kit before they buy or use it. This is helpful for when players want to Donate.
    • CClearChat: This plugin clears the chat for all, you or a certain player with a simple command.
    • HeroBounty: This plugin is great for setting bounties on players for rewards. Players love extra cash for slaying other people.
    • Marriage: This plugin is for those people that go too far with Minecraft and want to "love" eachother. (Can be configured)
    • SilkSpawners: This plugin is by far my favourite. This allows you to Mine spawners with silk touch with a permission.(Can be configured)
    • PlayerVault: This plugin allows players to store stuff in a private player vault that nobody has access to (except admins). You can configure how big you want it and how many vaults you want them to have! (Can be configured)
    • McMMO: This plugin is really sweet. It is very hard to explain so I recommend going to the actual plugin page.
    • ServerSigns: This plugin allows you to run commands through regular signs. Say you wanted to give your Helper rank a paycheck with ingame money every day. You can set the sign to Give the group Helper a certain amount of cash with a cooldown of 1 day. Almost anything is possible with this cool plugin. (Can be configured)
    • FloAuction or CraftBay: This plugin allows players to auction items for whatever price they want. Players have full control of this. PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE USING THIS PLUGIN YOU MUST DISABLE SEALED AUCTIONS OR PLAYERS WILL BE ABLE TO GET UNLIMITED CASH!!!! (Can be configured)
    • InfoBoardReborn: This plugin adds a little sidebar on your screen saying whatever you want. You could have a players balance, name and the website or maybe you could make it like an armourhud? or maybe you just want server details? It's all configurable with this awesome plugin (Can be configured)
    • RedeemMCMMO: This plugin goes along with the MCMMO plugin, Once again it's complicated to explain this so I recommend reading the plugin page. (Can be configured)
    Donation Plugins:

    • EnjinMinecraftPlugin: This plugin goes a long with Enjin the website creator and it allows you to create a website and set up donations through it. You can receive money to a credit card and make it give players items, permissions or even a rank in game. This website creator is handy because it allows you to create forums and other things where Buycraft is just for Donations but that means you can make things better with Buycraft but still Great for starters (Can be configured)
    • Buycraft: This plugin goes a long with Buycraft the donation website creator and it allows you to create a website and set up donations through it. You can receive money to a credit card and make it give players items, permissions or even a rank in game. Great for bigger networks (involves paying per month) (Can be configured)


    FactionsUUID is highly recommended over Massivecraft factions!!

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  2. joehot200


    MassiveCore is a pretty bad plugin. I'd recommend you don't use it. It certainly isn't "essential".
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  3. Yeah but the Factions plugin needs it in order for it to work. I've always used that plugin with the Factions. It works perfectly for me. It all depends how you configure it.
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  4. I would always prefer OnTime to PlayTime. I think it's far better.
  5. eaglez can you help me
    idk really how to setup my server
  6. my skype is joey985mrocks
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  7. Omnivion


    brb, making a generic factions server
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  8. You help thx <3
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  9. I am going to open a factions server with my friends. Thanks for the ideas I will use most of them :)
  10. I can already see this failing
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  11. Omnivion


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  12. Why? Massivecraft factions has had support for UUID from the beginning of 1.7...
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  13. FactionsUUID is a premium plugin.
    It's like Factions but it works with Minecraft 1.8.8 and it fixes many bugs.

    I prefer Factions because of the classic commands and /f chat.
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