mute /emute log file plugin needed

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  1. Hi,
    I am looking to use essentials /mute , I know players sometimes use /emute , I wanted to log the mutes in a file as essentials doesn't do this so you can see who is muted or not, I have literally thousnads of player files so cant look through them easily to see who is doing what and when.
    I wanted it done so it only logs staff typing /mute pr /emute or /essentials.mute (think this is all variations?) so would need to be permission based so I would add permission to staff to log their mutes.

    Looking to pay $25 , it should be fairly simple and should log
    playermuted , timemuted staffmuting actualcommandtyped

    Timescale don't mind but as soon as possible 2-3 days ?
  2. Do you want to just log when they write mute (and all aliases), or do you want a replacement of essentials' mute that has a file where all muted players are listed in?
    Or something even third?
  3. Just a log , using essentials is fine its just theres no way to see whos muted or not without checking , I am surprised they haven't done this to be honest , if you have lots of staff theres no way to track that someone doesn't perm mute a player etc.
    So yes just a log of the commands and aliases so should be fairly easy.
  4. You can see if a player i muted in-game with /seen, though I believe they have to be online for that to work.

    If you want this made still, I can do this for you once I get home. (that's in a little less than 6 hours)
  5. Yes you can use /seen , but I have 70 staff across my servers and I need to see who is being muted when and why etc.
    Which does remind me probably in the logs it should include a uuid in each line as well as reason :p ,
  6. JamesJ


    grep <log/latest.log/*> -i "/mute"