Solved /MUTE HELP!!!

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  1. I was on my server with my friend and he typed /mute and now if your not op'd or set in the admin or owner rank you can't talk! please help!!
  2. Well
    Try /unmute?

    What plugins are you using?
  3. ive tried /unmute and it says Unknown command.
    and im using Essentials
  4. Ugh then try /mute *
  5. 24.01 00:53:30 [Server] INFO CONSOLE has muted player *.
  6. Wtf lol
    Try /ess reload
  7. 24.01 00:56:57 [Server] INFO Player * unmuted. 24.01 00:56:57 [Server] INFO CONSOLE issued server command: /mute * 24.01 00:56:48 [Server] INFO Essentials reloaded TeamCity. it dont work :/
  8. Reload / restart the server?
  9. there must be something with my essentials cause now its not even loading the MOTD
  10. Give me a list of your plugins.
    Include versions of your plugins, aswell as your server-version.
  11. NoSwear 6.2, Citizens,EasyEssentials 0.9(CAUSE NORMAL ESSENTIALS WONT RUN),EssentialsChat 2.13.1,HolographicDisplays2.1.10,HubEssentials1.5.12,MultiMOTD1.2.2,Multiverse-core,inventories and spawn (up to date), Pex (up to date) PingAPI 0.1.5, PlayerHeads3.10,PrisonMinePlugin0.1.0,Hub1.6.5,SuperHub(latest version), Vault 1.5.6, Worldedit 6.1
  12. What does NoSwear do?
    And try to disable EasyEssentials for the time being.
  13. NoSwear doesn't allow people to swear and if they do they get warnings,kicks and bans
    and ok. i did.
  14. Found it, i for some reason had a hidden essentials in my ftp server
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  15. If you are running server version 1.8, essentials does not have a 1.8 version. Delete the old version and download the 1.8 versions here :)