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  1. Hello @Maximvdw!

    Using AnimatedNames, FeatherBoard and Tab combined makes my startup log quite intensive when seeing the three individual plugins load all the available placeholders and event hooks on repeat - it spams a whole lot and I really feel like these messages are absolutely pointless - the plugin sends a message if any errors occoured enabling a placeholder anyways? This is plenty of information for me - especially if the debug is enabled.

    My suggestion is therefore to make the placeholder and event hook loading messages on startup/plugin reload only show if the debug features of the plugins are enabled. Otherwise I see no reason to get spammed by this all day long.

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  2. TheJavaHacker


    Why is this here and not in a PM to him?
  3. Something tells me you haven't been around his plugin pages recently...
  4. So he is using the entire forum section as a means of support, seems inconsiderate of everyone else.
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    It's not inconsiderate of everyone else, I literally only asked why it's not in a Private Message to the author, considering that's typically how support is handled, however seeing that new statement, I'd be willing to help despite the fact it's not really a support issue.

    Regardless, I'm sure there's an additional plugin out there that can filter all of that spam @Tyloonie - I will have a look for it.
  6. Well, I found this way of support/suggestion quite weird as well. Decided just to follow it though. Sorry if it's an inconvenience for you guys ^^

    Thank you! I know I could use another plugin to sort it out but... I mean it's a damn premium plugin - one of the most popular ones on Spigot - shouldn't have to be done like that.
  7. TheJavaHacker


    I found a plugin which should be able to do what you want: - This plugin will filter out any messages of which you configure it to.