MVdWPlaceHolderAPI not working

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  1. Hey,

    I want to use the PlaceHolderAPI.

    I did it like this:

    # PlayerJoinEvent
    Code (Text):
    message = PlaceholderAPI.replacePlaceholders(e.getPlayer(), message);
    # Main
    Code (Text):
            if (Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("MVdWPlaceholderAPI") == null) {
                System.out.println("ClickMOTD > MVdWPlaceholderAPI is required!");
    Code (Text):
    depends: [MVdWPlaceholderAPI]
    [14:24:14 ERROR]: [MVdWPlaceholderAPI] Unable to replace placeholders. No MVdW Placeholder plugin found!

    The only possible problem I see is that the MVdWPlaceHolderAPI plugin boots after mine boot. Might that be the issue?
  2. Fixed the issue that my plugin loaded before the placeholderAPI plugin.

    Still get the same error message?
  3. Gianluca

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    You need his MVdWPlaceholderAPI and one of his plugins that have the placeholders (FeatherBoard, etc)
  4. B-but why, isn't there a way around this? I just need the placeholders. not the other stuff
  5. Gianluca

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    You can use Clip's PlaceholderAPI and get the expansions. But, for Maxims, there isn't as far as I'm aware as the placeholders are from his premium plugins