MVdWPlaceholderAPI & PlaceholderAPI

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  1. Okay I'm thoroughly upset.

    I was all excited when I found MVdWPlaceholderAPI and the plugins it attaches to.
    I was even more excited when I found out there was an extension for CommandHelper for PlaceholderAPI.
    I was irritated but not deterred when the Placeholder functions threw errors when I tried them.
    I was hopeful when I ran /placeholderapi ver and found that my version was simply a bit behind.
    Finally, I was mortified to find out that PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI are two different plugins.

    So the way I see it, my options are limited here. I can write a new extension for CommandHelper to interface with MVdWPlaceholderAPI, or I can give up on my hopes and dreams.

    Basically, does anyone have any information that I don't know about that can save me from having to do this? I'm happy to try but I'm not a Java developer, so this is going to be a painful experience.
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  2. Maximvdw


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  3. I'm so confused x.x <<< First Java Project :D It doesn't build yet but I'm learning a lot!
    Nice suite of plugins Maximvdw.

    Edit: OH! So if I have both plugins and the PlaceholderAPI extension, I can still use Maxim's placeholders. Does that mean that if I set a PlaceholderAPI placeholder it will be available to Maxim's plugins? I'mma test but just asking anyways :)
  4. yes, as MVdWPlaceholderAPI supports PlaceholderAPI (and viceversa)