MVDWPlaceholder's Vault Prefix/Suffix is wrong

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  1. {prefix} and other similar placeholders don't work correctly.

    I have Vault and Luckperms and a lot of groups, all global. I have three "tracks" and a few non tracked groups as well.

    The problem occurs when a player inherits from more than one group, and the higher weight group doesn't have a prefix or suffix. In this case, the prefix or suffix returned by {prefix} or {suffix} will be a blank string, where vault normally returns the prefix/suffix for the highest weighted group that has one.

    Moderator has prefix "[M]", weight 100
    Brave has suffix "The Brave", weight 150

    Player VergilPrime inherits from Moderator and Brave

    {prefix} {player} {suffix} should return "[M] VergilPrime The Brave"

    Instead, returns "VergilPrime The Brave"
  2. Do you download PlaceHolderApi plugin?
    Placeholder: %vault_rank%

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  3. I think these 2 placeholders ({prefix} {suffix}) returns the value of one group not the prefix form group A and suffix from group B for example
    I guess maxim is the only one who can do that so contact him
    Or if want u can use PlaceholderAPI and use LuckPerms placeholders {placeholderapi_(papi placeholder without % and brackets)} but still im not sure if it will work as u want but if it doesn't u can contact LuckPerms author to add that
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  4. {placeholderapi_vault_rank} works fine, MaximVDW is on vacation till October and this is more of a bug report.
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  5. Thats why i said
    And btw mvdwpapi use {} not %% ({placeholderapi_vault_rank} not %placeholderapi_vault_rank%)
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  6. Woops, fixed in my reply to avoid confusion.
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  7. = PAPI placeholders = MVDWPAPI placeholders
    If you want a job prefix placeholder: {jobsreborn_name_1} (1. JOB)
    If you want a rank prefix placeholder: {userprefix} Description: Vault permission user prefix
    If you want a rank prefix placeholder(GROUP) : {prefix} Description: Vault permission group prefix
    Requires MVDWPAPI
  8. U dont need MVdWPlaceholderAPI only u alos need at least one of Maxim premium plugins
    MVdW placeholders wont work without at least one premium plugin
  9. That is correct.
  10. I'm bumping this thread because @Maximvdw is back after his time off and it makes more sense than starting a new thread ;)
  11. Maximvdw


    The vault permissions work as intended by the Vault API. The primary group is used for the basic placeholders.
    Not sure what the actual problem is?
    You can try these if you have multiple groups:
  12. [​IMG]

    If a player "Katy" is a member of Moderator and Mage, {prefix} {player} {suffix} should read as "[M] Katy the Mage", but instead it reads as "[M] Katy" and "The Mage" is lost because {suffix} read the group Moderator having no prefix and didn't look further.