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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by AlexM-Dev, Jun 12, 2017.

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  1. Hi,

    Not sure if this is the right section. My Spigot account was recently hacked (and changed to a different password). My account didn't have 2fa on it, and the password should have taken at least a few years to crack.

    I'm not sure what to do about this. @md_5?

  2. Probably not 'hacked' they probably just knew your password.
  3. Most likely. So what do I do? I've enabled 2fa on other social networking accounts. Can I get my account recovered?
  4. Can you reset your password using your email?
  5. No, my email was changed and therefore unchangeable.
  6. @AlexM-Dev And this is why you set up 2FA and a password of 28 characters long.... Contact staff about it.
  7. I have set up 2fa (now) lol. Who do I contact then and via which method?
  8. Try the "Contact Us" button in the footer. Not sure who exactly receives it but it's practicly equal to an email.
  9. It will automatically create a ticket on a dashboard which (I believe) is accessible by staff.
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  10. Sounds cool. That should work then I guess
  11. Alright, amazing, I'll try that and I'll respond. Thank you all :)
  12. How long does it take for someone to respond to my issue?
  13. The thing is, that is not your email, so they can login with it again and say "i dont have my 2fa, turn it off, verify by email" and they're back in again - probably.
  14. Gaxan


    This happened to me once as well. I made the mistake of using the same password on a hosting site that I use on here as well as paypal. I know which hosting company it was. Paypal was able to trace the login through a VPN to London UK.
    Be very cautious of the hosting companies you use, some of them are less than honest. Especially the newer ones.
    I use seperate passwords and 2 step auth on everything now.
  15. I only use hosting companies that have been in the business for a while and not some dodgy 12 year old started his own minecraft hosting from his dads basement.
  16. Nowadays should have 2fa in every place just incase. Hope you get your account back!
  17. I've had my account recovered. Thanks md_5. I've additionally setup 2fa, silly of me that I didn't use it before. Thanks for the help, all.
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