My Bungeecord isnt working

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by YESDADDY, Aug 15, 2018.

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  1. Hello.
    So whenever i start my bungeecord i get this in the console.
    So if someone can please help me i would appreciate it
  2. there is just no error showing. it doesnt show that the sevrer is online. wont let me connect to the server
  3. Get the full console log then, so you can see if it can bind to an ip and port, successfully, and if it says "Done!" ..
    this is multicraft, if this is a hosted solution, ask them why their specialized service for hosting mc isnt' working out of the box?
  4. that is the full console log...
  5. can someone else help?
  6. MrButtersDev

    MrButtersDev Previously BUTTERFEILD8

    Is this your first bungee cord setup // has this server worked before?
  7. Are you running any plugins?
  8. I’m running 2 plugins and no this is not my first time
  9. Lite Announcer and a bungee report plugin
  10. Have you tried without your plugins?
    It would be nice to look at where the problem is coming from
  11. yes i have already
  12. It seems Multicraft uses a different version, have you tried downloading the latest version of bungeecord?
  13. no because those are like 1.13 or less
    i needed a 1.7-1.8
    it was working before i dont know why it stopped suddenly
  14. Thanks everyone for helping i have fixed the issue!
    Thanks once again!
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