Solved my bungeecord no start

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by thecloudff7, Apr 25, 2017.

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  1. Did you set "bungeecord: true" in your spigot server's spigot.yml?
  2. Gaxan


    Why do you have your network compression threshold set to -1? Set it to 256 or 512.
    Also, set online mode to false in
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  3. Set Bungeecord server to online mode and others to offline mode
  4. okey, thanks, now i have this error:

    WARNING: Failed to find a usable hardware address from the network interfaces; using random bytes: 93:77:6f:e3:f2:8d:9b:bb
  5. electronicboy

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    A warning is not an error, it's a warning; Which shouldn't have any effect on bungeecords functionality, that's just netty being unhappy because it wasn't able to get a mac address from your network interface (which is somewhat common in certain environments, e.g. Docker, OpenVZ...).
    There was a fix for this that bungeecord added (by updating netty), however, your build ID isn't on Jenkins for some reason, I would consider trying to use the latest build of bungeecord which might help with removing that warning, however might not.
  6. Thanks my bungeecord is working okey!
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