My final CPU question for a long time.

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by ToonBasic, May 24, 2015.

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  1. Hey everyone! Here is my last question for a while in terms of CPU(s)
    I decided to not run a network as I seen people say "Start small!" and which case I will take their word on it and start small. I am planning on running a Factions Server and wondering if the i5-4570 with 8GB of ram from reliablesite would hold a factions server with a start of about 20-40 players daily. Thanks :)
  2. Just go with kimsufi, reliable site is very good but I don't think you need them yet tbh.
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  3. Try a soyoustart server, with external DDoS protection (DDoS Deflect, Inabate, ext)
    Best setup for a growing server.
  4. Which do you recommend for my question?
  5. Start of with this: E3-SSD-1. It has an okay CPU which is great for a server with 40-50 players.
    Then, use this when you have ever more players: E3-SSD-3
  6. @RSNET-Radic What do you think about the cpu I asked on my question? Any ideas on how many players and if it can hold? If not I will go with SYS
  7. When will people understand this does not answer the OPs question? The OP is clearly asking about ReliableSite. Nowhere in his post do I see him asking what host he should use instead of ReliableSite. This needs to stop. Don't force feed OP with your opinions: answer his question.

    To answer your question OP, that machine can easily hold the players you are looking at.
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  8. Thank you.
  9. I told him it's not needed yet, so technically I answered the question and recommended something based on experience I see nothing wrong with that .
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  10. The OP asked and I quote:
    This is a yes/no question. You gave neither of the answers. You instead told the OP that he was completely wrong, and he should change directions entirely to what in your opinion is good. That is incredibly narrow minded and rude.
    If you can not answer the question and you have no personal experience with ReliableSite, please do not reply to the thread.
    I see this far too often on Spigot, so pardon me if this type of behavior is the norm now, but it should not be.
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  11. I never said anything bad about reliable site, I just didn't think he would need that currently as he is "starting small". And most people when they "start small" go with ovh. I don't think it's rude at all, And I never said he was wrong. However, derailing a thread is.
  12. Unlike you, I answered the OPs question. Your first post derailed this thread.
    I see this all the time on Spigot. Someone comes on the forums legitimately asking for reviews on a specific host or previous experience of other members using the host, and fanboys like you go straight to the thread, derail it, and chant that OVH is literally the holy grail of all humanity.

    Nobody likes you doing that. It's spreading like a virus. Some people don't want to use OVH. Answer their questions, or don't post at all.
  13. If you'd wish, start small, but dedicated servers are still the way to go. They're gonna be less laggier than shared hosting so people would want to stay.
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  14. Could we get an "Amen" rating?
  15. I never preached OVH, I recomended them because they're cheap for starting out. I answered his question but not in the format you wanted me to. Also, how exactly am I a fan boy? fan boy of what..?
  16. @MikeA mind cleaning this thread up a bit? Or locking it by request.

    Also thank you @Coelho for specifically answering my question but no need to get mad at the others for stating OVH... I wasn't aiming for ovh because it is to overused and I heard it blocks legit traffic which is why I didn't want that answer.
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