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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by shanefancy, Apr 30, 2017.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Just yesterday I posted under offering builders (Services and Recruitment v2), and it has to go under moderation before being accepted to the public. Just a few minutes ago, my post vanished. My question is, does anyone know what is going on?

    -shanefancy :);)

    I just posted the forum again, if the problem occurs again, I will keep in touch. Thanks!
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  2. It may have been declined. Idk how that system works though.
  3. MiniDigger


    try messaging @Dmck2b as he handles that section
  4. If it was declined, the would've sent a message saying how to fix the post so that the post can be accepted.
  5. Will try, thank you
  6. Sometimes if it's outright unacceptable they'll just deny it and not bother sending a message. Happened to me before.
  7. Well, I followed all the criteria they asked for, that shouldn't happen. But thank you.
  8. You might be slightly wrong.
  9. Not Sure

    Method of contact : Check (On the actual post, not the pictures)
    Images: Check
    Time Frame: Check
    Pricing: Check
    Listed as myself: Check
    20 Posts: Check

    Attached Files:

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    did you have a transcript? you can have images, but the important stuff also has to be there in text form.
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  11. At the end of the day, they should be required to tell you why it was denied, it's just silly that they leave you empty handed.
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  12. I had that:
    Fancy Builds

    Hi everyone! My name is shanefancy and I have a deep love and passion for building and all it brings! After years of practice, here I am to present to you, Fancy Builds! Here, at Fancy Builds, you can get the highest quality Minecraft builds for the lowest and most affordable prices! If you're looking for someone to build your project, you've come to the right place. Welcome to Fancy Builds!


    50x50 = $10-$100


    200x200 = $100-$350

    300x300 = $150-$500

    400x400 = $250-$650

    500x500 = $300-$800

    (Any Custom Builds or Sizes Can Be Negotiated)


    50-200 = >1 Week

    300-400 = >2 Weeks

    500 = >3 Weeks

    Please Note:

    All payments will be made half and half. The first payment is made before the build is started. After finishing the build, you will be placed on a test server with the build. Then, the final payment will be made and the build will be sent to you. This is to minimize scamming.

    Service Rules

    *All payments are
    made through PayPal*

    Refunds are not available
    after you've paid the 50% up
    front fee.

    You agree not to
    present any lawsuit
    or legal challenge against Fancy
    Builds (On Spigot Forums).

    Attempting to chargeback
    will result in a disclosure
    of your build and a
    loss of privilege to
    request builds from Fancy Builds.

    You agree not to present
    any of this work as
    your own or resell it.

    All requests for your
    build made initial payment
    will be the only ones included
    within the final product
    of your completed project.

    Any requests made after
    initial payment are ignored
    unless further payment
    is received.

    You agree to pay the
    50% fee up front
    before the build beings
    being built.

    You cannot chargeback
    our services unless given direct
    permission by me, shanefancy.
  13. do you ever get banned? because if you get banned you have to wait 30 days and have 20 more posts, that might be the cause.
  14. was it considered spam?
  15. Gaxan


    Maybe it's because he posted irrelevant messages to get his 20 required post count?
  16. I think it was an accidental deletion because there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your post. By the way your prices are wayy too excessive
  17. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    This has been answered already.
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