My friend can't join my server...stuck at downloading terrain

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  1. Whenever my friend tries to join my server he gets stuck at downloading terrain. I've port forwarded and done everything. I can get on the server on the pc that hosts it. When he tries, it says he joins and i can do commands (EX: /kill) on him and they work but then he can't respawn. Someone pls help me
  2. Ok so now he doesn't get stuck at downloading terrain, it loads his HUD but his screen stays black. He can hear me break block by him, but at a delay. Is there a chance it's just his computer that can't load it?
  3. That could be possible. Are they running the latest version of minecraft? What are the specs of the machine they are using?
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    Does the server require him to download a resource pack?
  5. Yes he is running 1.11.2 which is what i run. And no there are no resource packs needed. Captain_Obvious, what all do you mean by specs?
  6. What computer is he using? What's the name of the core, how much ram, etc.
  7. He's using a Toshiba Satellite c55-b. Windows 10, Intel(R) Pentium(R), It has 8 gigs of RAM with 7.89 usable, 64-bit operating system
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    Is he running vanilla Minecraft, or are there any notable mods installed?
  9. I recon your friend has a client issue. Ask him to backup and reinstall .minecraft (Win+R (then type) %APPDATA%\.minecraft)
  10. he was trying with optifine. Lach how would he do that?
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  11. Windows:
    1. Hold down the windows button (looks like the start button) on your keyboard and R at the same time (Win+R). This should open a popup titled "Run"
    2. Locate the text box, click on it and type: %AppData%, then press enter.
    3. Right-Click on the .minecraft folder, and press Copy.
    4. Minimize all windows to your desktop, right-click and press paste. It was important you minimized, as we are going back to File Explorer.
    5. Go back to the File Explorer window (where you originally found .minecraft), right-click on .minecraft and press Delete.
    6. Launch Minecraft again, and it'll download everything fresh.
    If your friend has a problem and wants to go back to his original copy of Minecraft, he can do the following:
    1. Press Win+R on your keyboard
    2. Type %AppData% into the text box, then press enter
    3. Right-Click on .minecraft, and press Delete
    4. Minimize all windows to your desktop
    5. Right-Click on .minecraft on your desktop, hit Copy
    6. Go back to File Explorer and hit Paste.

    Hope I was able to help.
  12. Ok thanks. I'll have him do that:)
  13. This is definitely a client-sided issue, the issue used to happen for me a while back but that was because I had a few mods installed.
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  14. Lach this worked and my friend and I can play together now. Thanks:)
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  15. No problem :) Come to me next time in case you have another problem.