My permissionsex disables everytime I restart my server.

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  1. Does anyone know what the problem is with my permissionEx, disables from the /plugin page everytime I restart my server. Latest log:
  2. Re-download the plugin, there is a file error.
    Code (Text):
    Caused by: zip file is empty
  3. Luckperms is the best, use Luckperms. im pretty sure they have a migrate feature to let the transition be easy.
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  4. Ive tried many times but still doesn't work. I just reset my whole server, downloaded the plugin again, and same error. I use filezilla to inset it to the server, only the jar file. Please someone help
  5. Use LuckPerms, I've written an essay on it to help people with the transition.

    Download LuckPerms below and use /lp migrate "plugin name", keep your old Permissions Plugin jar file and config intact first. After you see that it's migrated successfully and properly without any issues, you may delete or keep it for future reference.

    Download LuckPerms v5 for SPIGOT here: LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin | Spigot (Click)

    Take a look at your old commands and switching to LuckPerms' commands:

    Add Prefixes:

    The priority/weight must be set with the same priority/weight that is already tied to your rank, priority/weight is the same thing as rank: "1" in PermissionsEx's config.

    My side advice (totally unrelated):
    Don't change "default" rank to member, it never works because default is the only thing plugins understand, unless you code it otherwise. :)
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  6. do what IAmAGuest said, and if you want some explanation about the default rank, check this
    also note that the priority is the same thing as Pex BUT the higher weight is the higher value (so if you have an Owner rank, its weight would be 9999 or whatever you want)
  7. Thanks yall. The reason I wanted to use Pex is because I am very familiar with it, but now I studied LuckyPerms and it is MUCH better, thanks for the help yall. :)
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