My plugin is rejected...

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by cirlam515, Mar 8, 2018.

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  1. Hello guys! I didn't know where to post this thread but I will try there. As title says my plugin is being rejected...
    I got rejected for Low Effort:
    "Low Effort" resources may be rejected.
    • This is entirely at the discretion of the reviewer, however "Low Effort" resources include those:
      • With less than 10kb of code.
      • Contain beginner programming mistakes.
      • Are similar to those produced by tutorials or examples.
    My code has 40kb...
    I don't think I have mistakes because it works perfectly with 0 errors...
    And i do not copy tutorials i just used tutorials to see how to make a config or how to save in mysql but i didn't use a plugin that are on the internet... I wanted to make a stats plugin with an algorithm that calculate your difference between killer and killed and give points from the algorithm... Also in the plugin you could put scoreboard (can disable in config), tablist, tablist per world, chat per world, spec chat, spec tablist, custom chat (and all of them could be disabled) but why it gets rejected... can anyone tell me?

    I know that i used some string named like test5 test1 test515 etc. but i do not think this is the problem or it is?
  2. If that's how you named your variables, then I'm glad it got rejected honestly. This is probably what they mean by Contains beginner programming mistakes. How large is your final jar? They say it's not over 10kb. Also what did the plugin actually do? 10kb is code doesn't seem to be worth paying for.
  3. i said that i have 40kb of code not 10 but they said that they need at least 10kb and why wouldn't be accepted string like test? if i rename them with the name of what it does then it is good?
  4. Naming variables to something like "test" just shows you literally have no idea what you're doing and you're probably following some tutorials. That's why. Giving variables proper names with correct case sensitivity is something everyone should do. If you didn't, it clearly proves that you are a beginner and I fully justify the decision made from the resource staff.
  5. Ok i will try to rename all strings to what they propeprly do. Thank you very much man.
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