My Plugins aren't working even though they are in "plugins" Folder

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Ursa, May 1, 2015.

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  1. I put in four plugins, the only one that showed up was World edit. I thought maybe it was because they weren't executable so I checked them executable and still not working.
  2. What plugins do you have installed? Can you also post your log file please?
  3. Essentials and worldguard need to be decompressed. The .zip files wont do anything. All of your plugins need to be in .jar format
  4. So could I just "extract here" on both of them?
  5. Im guessing your new to servers... I'm sorry but I laughed at this one :p. Okay first of all, bungeecord isn't a plugin and you arn't ready for that, so delete that. Second open the .zips and place the jar files in that are in the .zips in your plugins folder. Then delete the .zips
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  6. Yes
  7. Sorry, I am rather new ;3
  8. Haha it made my day, lol at least your smart enough not to rage quit and blame it on everyone then go spam the forums.
  9. I'll take that as a complement :p
  10. The plugins showed up but apparently there's an essentialsProtect error, and a couple of the essentials appear red, is that normal? By the way, I can't do any commands.
  11. Mind posting the error? It's generally not normal unless the author did it on purpose and very few reasons to do so.
  12. Go on essentials jenkins and download it from there.
  13. Yes I installed it from there and extracted it into the plugins folder
  14. Could you post your startup logs please?
  15. I can't appear to copy off of the Virtual Box. So I'll just look up a way.
  16. Would it be cool if I typed in the errors? Isn't that all you need?
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