My resource is not being reviewed

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  1. I recently posted a Paid resource but it last 2 days and not being reviewed, i post this becuase i think this is a problem or something.
  2. I never posted any resources at all, but I can imagine reviewing it would take a little longer than 2 days. Try waiting a few more days. If you're lucky, a resource staff member will reply here though.
  3. Okay, thank you :3
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  4. Staff are probably still verifying the resource and I doubt you are the only one waiting for approval so give it a couple of days, if not make a support ticket and see what they have to say :)
  5. Normaly takes 4-9 days when I tried took 12
  6. In my opinion they should check the resources a little more often. I uploaded a plugin once and 7 days later it got rejected... I then adapted it and re-uploaded it 4 hours later but due to it was uploaded on Saterday evening it probably won't get reviewed until next week as resources only seem to be reviewed on Saterday. Pretty annoying but fortunately enough I am patient.
  7. electronicboy

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    Resources are reviewed as often as the resource staff have the time to review them, which is pretty much daily that they get through a few in the queue each, especially as we start heading towards times of the year where everybody is busy with different things, the time for resources to be approved can take a bit longer than normal, especially as plugins are reviewed in order of submission.

    Staff also generally give resources a thorough look over, which means that sometimes somebody submits a plugin (or even reports one) that is a bit large and so it can take time.
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  8. Are resources with threat in spanish allowed?
  9. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    you'd have to clarify that with resource staff, however, I think that it's generally a case of yes so long as you provide English information too