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  1. I was running some websites on a droplet at digitalocean which got DDoS`d on a regulair base and after a couple IP nullroutes I decided to download my data because they gave me a last warning and after I had all the data digitalocean locked my account...
    I moved to Vultr to give them a try, account and payments were fast processed, fast server installs, nice looking control panel.
    Here are some images.
    But whilst creating a server I was able to select a ISO, linux distro`s, windows server and even some applications like cPanel:[​IMG]

    They are offering DDoS protection for a additional $10 per instance, free internal networking and a free IPv6.
    Server was quick delivered and install within ~3 minutes.

    The server overview is good and clearer then the one of digitalocean,Vultr has reverse DNS for their IPv4 and IPv6 IP`s which is handy for sending emails but for that you have to request the staff for lifting the smtp restriction.

    I wanted to know how fast their support is so I made a ticket to task what happens if my server is under a flood and the storage block, they answered within 10 minutes which is pretty fast

    Support: 8/10
    Network speeds: [​IMG]
    so a 9/10

    I`d like to recommend them if you want to have a cheap server in around the world.

    Affilliate link for me at Vultr: -- Removed by staff

    Thanks for reading and see you next time.
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    You forgot to remove your last name from some of the pictures.
  3. Thanks for notifing.
  4. There ddos protection is pretty solid, but as soon as the attack exceeds 10gbp/s they null you. So it's pretty strict. Vultr is also owned by Choopa.
  5. Well it's what you paid for. Ordered 10lbs of cat food, you can't expects 10.5lbs right?
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    Well, in the scenario of packaged goods, there's usually a range of acceptable weights (getting exactly 10 pounds is difficult and increases cost and waste). Your 10 pound bag of cat food might actually be 9.72 pounds, for instance.

    If the range was wide enough, you could actually get 10.5lbs in your "10lb" package.
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  7. If you're getting hit beyond 10gbp/s, you probably shouldn't be using something as simple as Vultr. It's a great service, panel is awesome for buying a quick server to do shit on. Surprising they even offer DDoS protection.
  8. They null you if you don't have the ddos protection but it should exceed at 1Gbps port to get the IP nulled

    //edit: they null your IP if you don't have the prot and getting hit over 1Gbps
  9. Same thing as DigitalOcean - it isn't meant for long term use unless you have credit. RamNode has 5x the DDoS protection for half the price, and is cheaper for what you're given, the only downside is the lack of hourly pricing.
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    On their website they explain how they'll soon offer more protection. I'm looking forward to this in the event that I need it. I wonder what the pricing will look like.