Solved My Server get attack by bot then Server Crash! Please Help!!

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Sunnz, May 1, 2017.

  1. My Server get attack by bot and tried to send an empty message
    see this log
    them send an empty message for 10,000 msg in 1 second
    I try to fix this for a long time
    modify NoCheatPlus about Captcha,FastChat
    using plugin Antijoinbot
    it can help a little bit such
    If a bot spam chat [NoCheatPlus will detect and use command switchantijoinbot (authme)]
    but it can't help empty message
    and it's too fast it very fast 10,000 msg in 1 sec so my server crash suddenly

    How to fix this problem?
    Have anyone can help me?

    Sorry if you don't understand some word.
    I don't good at English.
  2. Are you running a cracked server? It seems like it.
  3. Solution: Don't run a cracked server.
  4. Really? I don't know it before
    How to know it's cracked or not?
    tell me please
  5. in your, you set online-mode to false. Set it to true and the bots can't attack your server
  6. Ah OK! Thank it really help