My server got griefed.

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Alfredddd, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Hello, I woke up today and saw my server was griefed, i know who it was and i dont know how he did it or anything, because he dont have console or op, Is forceop a thing? I need help pls, And how do i stop griefing?
    Its protected and everything..
  2. Get CoreProtect and make daily backups of your server. Best thing to do is just IP-ban.

    As for how they did it, is it a cracked server? If so they might have used your account to log in. Force OP is not a thing unless you downloaded a plugin that gives them OP (which is possible since free resources aren't vetted here).
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  3. You have a backup, right? So restore from your backup. And ban the player.

    What server version are you running?

  4. doesnt matter if i IP ban, hes using alts and vpn, i just downloaded a bungee antivpn.
  5. If you're running BungeeCord, are you use you've correctly closed your ports so no one can directly log in?
  6. if you have done the above there is an exploit for bungeecord where you can bypass the closed ports making the server think you are logging in through bungeecord, try downloading IpWhitelist
  7. If it was properly protected, none of this would have happened. Are you using BungeeCord? What MC version does your server run on? 1.12 or 1.8?
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  8. Ip banning is pretty useless.
    Today most IP adresses are assigned dynamicaly so he just has to wait some time and can reconnect again afterwards.

    Look at this article for more information:
  9. bungeecord 1.8.8
  10. Have you read this big, red, bold security warning found on the Bungeecord installation page?

  11. I mean, No tutorial said that, So how would i know?
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  12. By reading the official documentation instead of following some wonky YouTube tutorial?
  13. It's 2018 man. Not using backup is like asking to be griefed.
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  14. On top of the fact that he refused to read official installation documentation and just followed this incomplete YouTube tutorial. If he just referred to the actual documentation, he wouldn't be in this mess to begin with.
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  15. Again, it's 2018 dude. No one reads any documentation.
    Just stop using ur brain and follow the tutorial step by step. And don't look at maps just follow your GPS.
    - Until you end up in the lake wondering how you got there.
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  16. I don't understand why anyone would spend 10 minutes watching a tutorial instead of reading instructions for 45 seconds.
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  17. Lots of people read the documentation if they really care. If you dont you miss out on important things. Tutorials miss out on a lot of things.
  18. I was just kidding, I thought that was clear through my last statement with the lake.

    Of course a well written documentation contains more information than any 15min-tutorial can provide and often its faster to just read the docs (as @Bobcat00 stated).
  19. dude im using backups, i restored a backup after i posted this..