My Server Got Hacked

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by WUDAHEPAXWOW, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Um, seems like just because he can. If you're asking "How did he do that" - who knows. Open survival port, malware or bad-quality plugins or just an weak password on admin's or host accounts .
  2. Eh that's sad didn't you take backups! even hypixel gets griefed these days
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    Chances are you fucked up when it comes to bungeecord or a firewall or something.
    If you DM a download link for ALL of your plugins i can see if any are malicious just to be safe
  4. not sure on the method he uses but i watch that guy... O-O
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  5. make sure to use spigotantimaleware plugin it scans all your plugin ;)
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  6. I was hacked, too, and my plugins and configs were even stolen. Someone told me that this is related to NoCheatPlus. I checked plugins through spigotantimaleware. But nothing was found. Very strange.

    But my main error was that the servers were running from Root.
  7. I'm very intrigued as to how this happened. If you could post a log of the commands sent by that user, maybe we could figure out what happened.
  8. Could be from servers using leaked plugins
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    1. It's not a plugin
    2. If OP were to send me ALL of his plugins he wouldn't even need to do that, it would also allow me to quickly update said AntiMalware if any were malicious
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  10. Whatttt? servers running in offline mode get abused? ..

    Sorry, this isn't news and people shouldn't be surprised by this.

    Keep current, run your own spigot jars and in online mode. Do at least some basic networking configuration, and have revision backups.
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  11. The fact that it is offline mode doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easy to grief. That’s why there are plugins like authme and many other ways to protect the network
  12. And yet, this forum has weekly mentions and it's always bungee and 1.8 and offline mode and misconfigurations or dodgy plugins, or leaked plugins.
  13. Yeah. I mean it's obviously less secure than online mode, but still not impossible to secure
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  15. What makes you think he didn't protect the server with plugins like authme?
  16. If they were from BSMC sure!
  17. 1. Thanks for correcting me
    2. I don't remember asking
  18. If your files were stolen I don't see what's so hard to understand that some user had access to your plugins? If he has access to your plugin files THEN OFCOURSE he can give himself permissions bruh!