My server is dead, and I dont know what to do :c

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Itaquito, Aug 18, 2018.

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  1. Hey! Im the owner of a spanish server called RECraft. We started this server with survival and with maybe 4 players, then we added skywars and pvp. And our last addition was creative with worldedit.

    For the last 2 months our playerbase has gone down... Right now we have always 0 players.

    Since this is my first "seriuos" server I dont know how to advertise and that kind of stuff. I posted the server in the typical server lists and also in some spanish forums, but it isnt working.

    I need help to revivie my server.
  2. Here's your problem, why did you add more servers if there wasn't any player base to being with?

    You should try to improve your survival server first, wait until you had a player base to THEN add more game types.

    More game types doesn't mean that more players will play on your server.
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  3. survival = single player
    maybe thats where they have gone
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  4. know people play survival multiplayer, right?
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  5. My first idea was making single player games, because we didnt have enough players to make a more multiplayer game.. like skywars or pvp.

    Because we wanted to target more players that didnt like survival.

    When we added skywars we didnt moved survival to a side, we kept adding more stuff, doing events. But aparently it didnt work.
  6. ...and then people you go on your server, see that your SkyWars/Creative/etc server didn't have nobody on, and leave.

    It wouldn't work, you need to have a player base before adding more servers.

    It's better to do one thing well than ten things poorly.
  7. But they will also leave if they enter and only see survival with nobody on :c

    So, should I remove all the gamemode we have currently and start fresh with survival again? and then with only survival grow a player base? I really want to revive my server
  8. Thousands of servers have survival, so why play on his instead? (no offence)

    The point that I was trying to get across was that you need to have a game mode that is
  9. For the last weeks we started making a gamemode based on prison-pve, its still in development and our original idea was to use this gamemode to atract players.

    Now im thinking that removing all the gamemodes we currently have (survival, creative, pvp and skywars) and just leave this new gamemode.
  10. You just noted down every problem of your server. I'll break it down for you:
    • Specific to one language (not english)
    • Probably plain old survival with nothing unique
    • Too few players and too much servers to play on
    • Pretty generic server name that may or may not be very appealing, though this is probably the least of the issues.
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  11. Im pretty sure prison if best played with many players
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  12. Maybe you can try to get some smaller twitch streamers on your server. It is a win/win if they bring you new players and you advertise their streams with broadcasts.
  13. If its a small survival server you could make it community based
  14. Hum I think I'll do the idea of deleting everything and just leaving the new gamemode.

    Also, Which are the best ways to advertise a new server?
  15. While I agree to all of your points, I don't know why making his server in spanish would be an issue, some gamemodes are too difficult to stay localized, since players need to communicate with each other.

    And of course, there is a LOT of servers in other languages that aren't English that can huuuuge.
  16. I think by doing that you'll be choking your server

    Start of small, get connected with your community, advertise, and grow

    Then you can do that
  17. I mean since I dont have a real community, starting with only 1 gamemode seems very good to me
  18. Yes, but that one game mode requires lots of players

    Start with something that 1-4 players can play
  19. Oh yeah.. My gamemode is lets say... "single-player" its prison-pve xD
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  20. Nonsense. If you cannot translate something you need to blame your own language skills rather than the gamemode. Hypixel launched a Chinese version of their server, so what's your excuse? Almost everyone speaks English /shrug

    If your server is Spanish then you're only gonna get players who speak spanish. I'm not saying Spanish is a language barely anyone speaks, but if you want a lot of players, you need to make your server appealing to as many people as possible. With a language barrier that ain't happening.
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