My server is on 7 sites 4 forums and no one even join

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Slashwannabe729, May 5, 2017.

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  1. Someone please help/advice me. My server "Imagine Realms" is on 7 listing sites and 4 forums and no one even joins, if they do they leave. I don't understand, i've had a server way worse than this one and people joined like crazy and stayed. If you'd like to get on to test it around or examine it the ip is
  2. I should note it is a Kingdom PvP server
  3. Nobody votes for it. You need players to vote for your server on all lists to it rises more to the top, and thus reaching more people.
  4. How could i get more players when no one joins?
  5. Would it help to make a forum post on here advertising it?
  6. Ehhh, use the edit button, stop double-posting.
    Where are you gonna advertise it here without breaking the rules?
  7. Where could i post it without breaking rules? Server recruitment?
  8. SpigotMC is not meant for advertising... you can't just post a thread on every single forum in the world and say "Hey, join this server!".
  9. Ok, so anything i could do to fix the issue?
  10. Invest money into server advertisement.
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