My server MOTD is not working.

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  1. Hi, my server MOTD isn't working. I tried to use "&" or "§" or "\u00A70". Im using bunggecord, when im trying to use "&" or "§" its creating errors and stops the bungeecord server. But when im trying to use "\u00A70" its working but as a text not unicode. Help me please!
  2. can you send the full motd?
  3. My motd for friend:
    \u00a76 Azor\u00a7eMC\u00a7c [1.8-1.16]\u00a7r\n\u00a7e\u00a7l\u00a7m---------\u00a7r\u00a7lTwoja sie\u0107 serwer\u00f3w minecraft\u00a76\u00a7l!\u00a7e\u00a7l\u00a7m---------
  4. Did you put double-quotes "Like this"?
    "\u00a76 Azor\u00a7eMC\u00a7c [1.8-1.16]\u00a7r\n\u00a7e\u00a7l\u00a7m---------\u00a7r\u00a7lTwoja sie\u0107 serwer\u00f3w minecraft\u00a76\u00a7l!\u00a7e\u00a7l\u00a7m---------"
    Also use & instead of \ublabla.
  5. I will make a MOTD plugin in the next week so check my resources page! This was planned after my ChatRadius resource. I will post a link if it's released!
  6. He's here to get his MOTD fixed, not to get a new MOTD plugin. Don't try to advertise your plugin in threads unless the author specifically requested for such a plugin.

    What MOTD plugin are you using? The file doesn't allow for any color in the MOTD, you require a separate plugin.
  7. I dont know if essentials lets you set motd, i haven't used it in a while. but you could use that perhaps.
    Or CMI, which has /cmi setmotd (hex colors included and multiline)
    Or you can use ServerListPlus with ProtocolLib, and achieve the same.
    motd in should just say some basic normal fallback text.
  8. I wanted to help him with a MOTD plugin so he can make his MOTD working for his server. If you want @TheDejfler send me a dm! PS it wasn't for advertising. You can try this site here!
  9. You could use a plugin called MiniMOTD, I find it works well with bungee and spigot.
  10. Well, he said he is using bungeecord you can use the config.yml of bungeecord which allows & color codes without a plugin.
    You can see that on the default config:
    Code (YAML):
    motd: '&1Just another BungeeCord - Forced Host'
  11. Try this as your MOTD: '&6 Azor&eMC&c [1.8-1.16]&r&e&l&m---------&r&lTwoja sie&7 serwer&3 minecraft&6&l!&e&l&m---------'

    You can use & codes, you can try also with this tool!
  12. Since a billion ppl gave a million options I am sure by now the OP has a solution and can just close this.
  13. You don't need a plugin to change the MOTD in Bungeecord (unless you want animations or smth). You can change the MOTD with normal color codes in config,yml :)
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    Definitely need to get another MOTD plugin. I've never used the default MOTD from bungee or spigot.yml because its always had issue for me. There are several free MOTD plugins out there which not only work but give you more options.