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Is This Essentials Bug ? Or Toplite Bug ?

  1. TopLite Bug

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  2. Essential Bug

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  1. I Get This Problem .
    Toplite And Essentials
    Essentials 1.8 (Spigot)
    TopLite 1.8

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  2. Here All The Plugins

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  3. Compare them to your timings, they are 100% accurate
  4. Top Lite and Essentials are reporting the same numbers, they're very nice and low as well. What is the problem here?
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  5. Ferx


    dedotated wam
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  6. Essentials Tell me that only free 260Mb
    Toplite tell me 474/5900MB it free a lot of space so idk what wrong
  7. Essentials is reporting you have 5.4GB free memory.
  8. yeah 464mb is being used / 5900 Mb . it free like 5500Mb
  9. And the problem here is..?
  10. essentials tell me i free 260Mb
  11. It's telling you that you have 260MB free memory relative to your allocated memory pool.
    Java will increase the allocated memory pool whenever needed, with an upper limit of "Maximum memory" (the value of -Xmx).
    Essentials is telling you you have 5400MB free.
  12. oh thx :) i though that my server gonna get lag when it release