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  1. Please if you could add a command to delete all data for all players. Or the playerdata folder
  2. Does anyone know if it's possible to cancel a command with MyCommand?
    For example, let's say a player executes a command which executes a command, waits 10 seconds, and executes another command, is it possible during those 10 seconds for the player to cancel the remaining tasks?
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    The is a function to cancel a warmup when the player move, cancelling an on-going process maybe can be done with RUN_COMMAND_TASK and using the /mycmd tasks to cancel the event. Never tried to recreate something like that, but you could be able to make it in both way. If it's only the warmup, just active the listener in config.yml, otherwise it's a bit more complex.

    I don't know why you want to delete a full folder (that you can do via ftp), but i'll implement a command to edit or delete a variable to all existent players at once.

    Talking about playerdatas, in the next version MyCommand can be used as Economy plugin (via Vault), using a playerdata value as source. It's just a simple implementation (read balance, add/withdraw), but if in a specific server you want have less plugin possible, you can use that (like a Hub server). Of course, a dedicated Economy plugin is a better choose.
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  4. I mean, I used the '$delay$<number>' to wait, so would it still work during that delay?
  5. Hello, I want to ask how I can execute a TYPE: RUN_COMMAND command for or as the player I choose with tab_completer '$player_list'. 2020-11-04_23.52.13.png 2020-11-04_23.52.20.png 2020-11-04_23.52.31.png ^^^ Thats what I want to make! (To show that I did that with a tellraw command) ^^^
    But thats what happend:
    2020-11-04_23.59.05.png ^^^As you can see it's not the name of the player I entered in the command^^^
    Thats The Command I made:
    As you can see I typed '$player' . My questions is what I have to type behind the '$' that the command gets executed for or as the player I typed in the command. An answer would be very nice!. Thanks
  6. MRI


    use $arg1 instead of $player.

    arg1 will get the input typed right after /appoint, so if it's /appoint Divicii, $arg1 is Divicii, $arg2..3 ecc will take the input at the second, third ecc position.
  7. Two bugs:

    1) The script "$PlayerDataFor" don't work for the CMD Type "Run_Console".
    2) I'm using mysql to store the playerdata information however the plugin created a folder called "playerdata" and is saving .yml files with the name of the players and empty files, i.e. with 0kb size. Why do you store the same information twice?
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    I'll take a look to both of this.
    On the point 2, if you can tell me when the yml file gets saved, in what circumstance, it's faster for me to locate the problem. Ex. using a specific command, or script ecc

    edit: ok maybe it's the /mycmd-playerdata set command. Should be fixed, i need to test it.
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  9. Hello, just came here with a question!~ :giggle:

    If we were using playerdata only for NAMES and not UUIDs... and now we have around 1000 files(idk) of playerdata, is it possible to convert them all from NAMES into UUIDs somehow? And if after changing into UUIDs we use commands like "/mycmd-playerdata add $player points 6969" will it work fine and add-up to their UUID playerdata-file?

    Thank you in advanced for the answer(s)! :giggle:(y)
  10. Exactly, the file is created when using the /mycmd-playerdata set command and when from another server you try to read the playerdata using Scripts.
    If you need more details about how I am using playerdata please let me know.
  11. Hey!
    Hex codes don't seem to be working correctly within RAW_TEXT
    Code : &x&f&f&9&f&f&d No using
    Expected: upload_2020-11-14_18-44-25.png

    Actual : upload_2020-11-14_18-44-38.png
    (seems to be applying the &d at the end of the colour codes)

    EDIT : "$hex%#ffff55%No" also doesnt seem to work
    Running latest version of tuinity with MyCommand 5.6.7
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  12. When will it be 1.16.4 compatible?
  13. Anyone can tell me why the second broadcast wont work for "Link:"?

    Code (YAML):

    : /yt



      - '/cmi toast all &eStream Started by &a%player_displayname%&e! \n&cClick the link in chat!'

      - '$broadcasttext$&a%player_displayname% &ehas started a stream!'

      - '$broadcasttext&eLink:&c %arg1'

    : /youtube

    : '&7[&6Itherio&7] &cPlease include your stream link to broadcast!'

    : 1


    : 1




    : true

    : streamer.youtube
  14. Could it be you forgot the $ at the end of "$broadcasttext" before you choose &e - '$broadcasttext&eLink:&c %arg1'
  15. Silly me. :) Thank you, now my issue is this.. %arg1 doesn't display as the command input, just comes out as %arg1 in chat?
  16. Will closing it with a % work? like %arg1% instead
  17. Unfortunately no. :( I'll keep trying to figure it out. :)

    Edit: Seems the placeholder starts with '$' not '%' another silly mistake haha.
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  18. When I use the "$PlayerDataFor%$arg1%Group.Player%" it always returns NoData

    The command is RUN_COMMAND
    Create the Variable with / mycmd-variables create and try deleting it
  19. Is there a discord support server for this plugin? If not, I wanna ask it here. Is there a away to run a command from console if a bran new players joins the server. If yes, how? Im new to this plugin
  20. MRI


    What do you mean for "custom command creation with merchant"? In the latest version you can run a command when you buy something from a merchant, if you need that, you can.

    Technically you can, but if you have other plugin who does that i suggest you, example, with authme (if you're running it) or even essentials (maybe).

    With MyCommand you can launch a command in playerevents.yml when a player join, and check if a playerdata value is set or not. So, if firstjoin if false, you do what do you need.