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  1. I tried making a global variable list, however rather than saving as
    it overwrites as SSPlayers.addlist: d7e34af-1375-4e3f-9dd9-4933a14845e6

    I tried reading the wiki, although the wiki is unclear. I did find
    and tried adapting it to
    with no success.

    Here is my code

    Code (YAML):
    : /SSJoin
     - $Script$%if%SSPlayers.notcontains=$uuid
      - $Script$%Variable%SSPlayers.addlist=$uuid
      - $text$&aJoining Game
      - $Script$%else%
      - $text$&cYou are already playing
  2. MRI


    Maybe, it's a problem i've already fixed months ago in the not available 5.7.2. I'll attach it on this post, check if it fix something.

  3. MRI


    Anyway, the list feaature is only for the PlayerData feature, that's why it doesn't work.
  4. I've found a work around for now, but will regular variable lists become a feature in the future?

    On another note, is it possible to fire another command when a while loop finishes in RUN_COMMAND_TASK? As there is no delay until function I could find.
  5. Anvil_gui is not working :(
  6. Multi aliases not working on 1.8.8 Paper! Only 1st aliase working, another aliases not working!

    command: /tps
    register: true
    - /lag
    - /serverlag
    - /ram

    Only /lag working, another aliases not working!
  7. MRI


    The anvil gui rely on a public resource that i've used (and mentioned in the changelog). It uses NMS classes, and updating them doesn't make it working, so i have to find a solution in future.
  8. Hey, I like your plugin and will give a review later. I am wondering, is it possible to make a command with the aliasses and tabcomplete points to different commands/plugins?
    - chat
    - broadcasts
    - antihack
    - on<pos_1=chat><run=/togglechat on>
    - off<pos_1=chat><run=/togglechat off>
    - on<pos_1=broadcasts><run=/togglebroad on>
    - off<pos_1=broadcasts><run=/togglebroad off>
    - warnings<pos_1=antihack><run=/superantituber warns>
  9. Welcome back after the summer, MRI!
  10. O plugin realmente oferece muitas funções, basta explorá-lo para notar isto.
    Agora, irei relatar algo que está me encomodando. Não estou conseguindo definir um item com DATA na opção "itemcost", ou seja, não consigo encontrar o ID correto para uma lã azul ou um peixe salmão.
    Senhor autor, pode me ajudar?

    Now, in English: (google translator)

    The plugin really offers a lot of functions, just explore it to notice this.
    Now, I will report something that is bothering me. I'm not able to set an item with DATE in the "itemcost" option, that is, I can't find the correct ID for a blue wool or a salmon fish.
    Mr author, can you help me?
  11. Hello,

    On newer plugin versions (>4.0.0), you must use the item name instead of the Item ID. For blue wool, you would want to use "BLUE_WOOL", for salmon, you can use "SALMON" or "COOKED_SALMON"

    You can view the full list of item names here: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Material.html

    Now, in Spanish: (Google Translate)


    En las versiones de complementos más recientes (> 4.0.0), debe usar el nombre del elemento en lugar del ID del elemento. Para la lana azul, debería utilizar "BLUE_WOOL", para el salmón, puede utilizar "SALMON" o "COOKED_SALMON"

    Puede ver la lista completa de nombres de elementos aquí: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Material.html

  12. Is there a way to drop items into a GUI with MyCommand?
  13. I'm looking to add a toggleable night vision effect, was wondering if I can do that with mycommand. Just something like /nv that toggles on and off night vision. Thanks for any info :)
  14. Hi there, nice plugin.

    How do I make a success message prompt in the chat for the user who sent a command?
    Would like that The player has a confirmation of his action.

    This is my command:

    Code (YAML):

    : /spawn
     - /mvtp outerspace
    : "Zum Serverspawn teleportiert."
    : "Fehler beim Ausführen."
    : false
    : true
  15. I've tried SALMON and BLUE_WOOL but it doesn't work. When I use /mycmd-reload commands, an error is shown in the logs and the mycommand command where I used SALMON or BLUE_WOOL does not load. I am using the latest version of plugin

    This is the config:

    command: /iop
    type: RUN_CONSOLE
    - '/say a'
    itemcost: "COOKED_SALMON:1"
    success-message: "&eMissão &aNOME &econcluída!\n&eVocê pode completá-la novamente."
    error-message: "§cVocê não possui itens suficientes para completar a missão."


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  16. Hi! @MRI :)

    First of all, thanks for this great plugin, I love using MyCommand! ❤️

    I have a small suggestion:
    I would like to work with my vanilla player tags in MyCommand, but unfortunately there is no way to check a tag in a $Script$%if%. I have already tried it with $Script$%if%$tags.contains=tag, but unfortunately this does not work, because it would then also trigger with a tag that is called awtagadw, for example.

    I would be very happy about a simple method to search for vanilla tags in a script! :)

    Thank you in advance,
    Greetings Ceddix!
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  17. Does anyone know how to remove the command when you type one without all the arguments? [​IMG]
    I mean "[/mobcoins give ....]"
  18. Hello!

    I've been looking at the plugin info but I can't find what I'm looking for.

    I wanted to create an alias command but not just with one specific command. I don't know if this is possible but I'll explain it better with an example:

    If I type any command like this: "/eco <anything_else>" I want the server to always execute the command "/bank help", no matter what I write in the "<anything_else>" field, but if I just type "/eco" and nothing else, I want the server to execute "/eco"

    Is that possible?

    I have been able to make any command with the structure "/eco <something>" to always be executed as a specific command using &arg, but that also affected the command "/eco" without anything else, and I need the command /eco to work as it is.

    Thanks in advance!
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