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  1. Good day reader,

    What is this? Why am I here?
    For a couple of months now I have been working on a plugin that communicates with an app on your phone, allowing you to monitor/manage its console, chat, players, and the server itself!

    Why am I posting this?
    The main reason I am posting this on this forum before I'm releasing it is not advertising, but I am looking for feedback on things like the looks, feature suggestions and possibly other stuff. I am planning to release this as a premium resource, mainly because I have put a lot of time into this project, but also because it is a plugin like no other.

    A bunch of features
    - Monitor your console (and chat) as well as perform commands in it
    - Look over your players, and using the plugin's config you can create custom views giving information about a player. These views can also perform commands on the player, they can even prompt the android user for input to put in the command! All of this utilizes extended_clip's PlaceholderAPI plugin
    - The same thing as the players for your whole server. You can view things like RAM and other stuff using the PlaceholderAPI plugin as well.
    - Get a nice look at any errors that pop up in the console
    - This plugin does not create something like a separate webserver or use an external host. No, it's all injected into the minecraft server itself so there's no hassle in port-forwarding or the chance of something blocking the way like a service being down.
    - Don't worry, you need to specify a password to enter the server.
    - The whole connection between the phone and server is encrypted (SSL-like) ánd supports compression (for big messages). No intruder blocking anything and less data usage.

    Why not post a range of screenshots, while I'm at it?
    Imgur Album

    The plugin is not yet available, and I'm still deciding whether I am going to make it open-source.

    To-do list/planned features
    - Add support for as much minecraft versions as possible. Right now it works from 1.7 through 1.9 and should probably work on 1.10 as well. I want it to be compatible with as much versions as possible.
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  2. For this post; please post the images INSIDE the thread not links

  3. @BananaCNetwork will do, the thing is that I've seen a lot of threads where images wouldn't load on it so I thought I'd take the easy way out.
  4. That looks nice but I don't have an android phone :/
  5. @Menfie I am currently in the learning process of iOS app development, and I believe Windows Phone apps are written in C#, with which I already have some experience. Making an iOS and windows phone version is already on my to-do list, and as I already have the main system working, finishing those apps should happen a bit quicker. I could also take a look at Xamarin, as that allows you to write the code once and it will be able to run on all three, but I'm not sure about it yet
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    Btw, I'd recommend making it UWP (Universal Windows Platform), not just windows phone.
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  7. Tfw not open source though, that's a shame.
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  8. @DarkSeraphim it's a hard decision for me to make. I have always had difficulties with things like this. It might happen, but I am not sure
  9. Great job! I love it! :)

    I have something for the design though: Maybe make the texts a bit darker and more bold. Right now I find it a bit hard to read the texts.
  10. @finnbon I had already made white colors a bit darker as they were invisible on a white background ;p. Now I made all colors 25% darker. Will update the screenshots soon.

    -- Updates --
    - Added error window, can be found at the bottom of the imgur album ;3
    - As I said above, made all colors 25% darker to make them be more visible.
    - Added stuff to the to-do list. I am also working on a small developer API (server-side only though, because if you would want to make something client-side, it would have to be made for Android, iOS ánd Windows Phone). Using this you can listen for clients connecting and disconnecting, and perform actions on the client like sending a toast, disconnecting them or getting information like their SocketAddress
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  11. What's the difference between this and the already established Adminium app?

    Also note: There is already an app called "MobileCraft" already on the iOS market, that allows you to manage your minecraft server. So I would suggest renaming to something else, to avoid interference.
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  13. @Oddfarm Adminium was last updated aug 2014, it does not allow you to create custom user actions and I believe they don't have direct connections. PS: It's only for iOS. I plan on making it for at least Android/iOS/Windows Phone

    @clip it uses your PlaceholderAPI plugin ;3
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    When will this be in the app store for some beta testing? (And plugin)
  15. @clip I'm currently working on a bit of backporting. After that it will probably release for android. Since my computer has less than 20gb left I cannot currently install Xamarin to work on it for other OSes, but I'm gonna do my best to get it done asap
  16. How safe is this to use? Which protocol does it use?
  17. Looks cool, although I would recommend doing more of a unified color scheme, current colors look a little bit off.

    PS: Strikethrough BB code is "S".
  18. @sander2798 yes, and it's fully compatiblw with PrototocolLib. It uses a custom written protocol.

    @Msrules123 I'm still deciding on what to do with the style. Thanks for the strikethrough ;p
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