Spigot MyPet-NPC [DO NOT USE!] 1.4

MyPet-NPC is included into MyPet itself now!

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  2. Hiya, I updated Mypet premium to version 1.2.9 and the mypet NPC no longer works. There are no errors in the console, but clicking the npc that has the trait mypet-storage, or mypet-wallet, does nothing. /petswitch however, still works.
    Any Ideas?
  3. It works fine for me. Are you sure you have all the needed permissions? Has the NPC still the trait (they lose them when the plugin doesn't load correctly).
  4. Yes, its odd, works perfect now that i have rolled back to version 1.2.8. No changes were made and it works fine.

    On version 1.2.9, i created a new npc, and assigned /trait mypet-wallet, and also tried /trait mypet-storage. In game, i get "Added mypet-wallet successfully", but still nothing happens.

    Wish there was a console error or something to show, but, nothing there
  5. Which version of MyPet-NPC do you use? When you use MyPet 1.2.9 you have to use MyPet-NPC 1.0.3.
  6. @Keyle Pah! I could of sworn i was on the latest version. All is good, thanks for giving me the Prompt to check, all is now good ;)
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    Are there simple instructions and examples for creating the petswitch entries? I'm lost. Once I get it working, I'll upgrade to premium.
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  8. I'm not sure what you want. Do you want to know how to setup the NPC?
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    I figured out what I needed. Thanks.
  10. I think its outdated -> http://pastebin.com/rd49Rcbm

    Can you pls update the plugin. I just both the premium version and i want this to work to before i open the server for public.
  11. There is a reason for the dev builds ;)
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  12. What does mypet-wallet do? Placed this trait on a NPC and nothing happens.
    The other one works.

    And is this also in Dutch if you set your MC on dutch language?
  13. With that trait players have to pay money to deposit their pets.
    The account where the money goes can be set with this command: https://mypet.keyle.de/doku.php?id=en:plugins:npc#commands
    The price can be set in the config: plugins/MyPet/plugins/NPC/config.yml
    Please use the latest dev build if you plan to use this trait: https://build.keyle.de/job/MyPet-NPC/110/artifact/target/MyPet-NPC-1.0.6-SNAPSHOT.jar

    Not 100% but that's because nobody did them yet :/
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  14. Is it possible to give every NPC its own place to save pets on. Now there all using on and the same storage.
    My admin wanna build his own "Pokemon" storage center. So more NPC gives him more space to storage the pets.

    Maybe you can set it that both ways work. Like test 1 is connected with the other NPC's. But test1 is not.