Spigot MyPet-NPC 1.4

MyPet-NPC is included into MyPet itself now!

  1. As the NPC uses the "world group storage" of MyPet itself this is not possible.
  2. Can this be done?
  3. No. Sorry.
  4. Is it possible to make more pages? Per user.
  5. Oke. Thanks!!!!
  6. MyPet.npc.storage.interact

    Doesnt give me perms to use the NPC.
  7. The inventory size when taking a pet doesn't represent the max size, it will only show the size needed to display all available pets.
  8. Which animals are supported?
  9. Wrong plugin or wrong question. Do you want to know which mobs are supported by MyPet?
  10. Is there a way to add some kind of sort system?

    Like Lvls: from low to high - or High to low.
    Names from a to z.
  11. No, but that idea is not bad.