Spigot MyPet 3.8

Feature rich, Level you pet, Skillsystem (MC 1.7.10-1.14.4)

  1. It says that there was an error but I don't see one. Without any info I can't do much
  2. Is not this a mistake?

    Code (Text):
    06-29-2019 18:25 [WARNING] [MyPet] Error occured while enabling StackMob (2.2.18) hook.
  3. Is this all of the error? Could I get the full server log?
  4. hello, why your not premium are 1.14 and premium are 1.12 ? you are comeback full free your plugin not premium have all feature ?
  5. Share the link: Sure
    Upload the file there: No
    The premium version got discontinued. All premium features are in the free version now!
  6. I am impressioner it's really nice as a gesture, I think to give a donation if I run my server one day haha (sorry for my english )
  7. Is there a way to change ocelot type?
  8. Hey, I'm using multi-verse. When players goto my spawn world (away from the world, nether or end) it causes issues. The first inconsistency is that sometimes the pet level will reset, especially after just being captured in the normal world. Items will disappear from the pet inventory, and so on.

    I was wondering if this has multi-world support, or if this is why I'm experiencing these problems.
  9. my player has the permssion MyPet.command.store but it says he cant store no more than 0 pets but he has the permission MyPet.command.petstorage.limit.2.

    now its telling him he cant use it.
  10. How can i change now the pet?
    If NPC not works?
  11. Please update to latest spigot 1.14.4
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  12. ive set mypet permissions to - MyPet.petstorage.limit.3
    but players can store 3 pets, and have 1 outside, so that makes 4.
    and the plugin is spamming the config as of this update...
    like EntityMyTurtle(Turtle) is no valid MyPet(Entity)!
    #854 Jun_Steed, Jul 20, 2019
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  13. How you store the pet?
  14. /petstore of cuz
    rn ive updated my server to 1.14.4. so... not using atm
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  15. Hey ! Could you add support to spend emeralds, or a configurable item a user may have in their inventory to purchase pets in the pet shop?

  16. I the plugin, running ok so far.
    just that in your tutorial it says :
    You can also fly with your pet when it's enabled by your skilltree.
    but its actually enabled in default, kinda shocked the administration here xD

    + mayb you can add a permission for your pet to fly, just for donator or high ranks only.
    love your plugin
  17. Is there a way to give the animals their original attacks? The Wither fighting looks kind of silly now.