Spigot MyPet 3.10

Feature rich, Level you pet, Skillsystem (MC 1.7.10-1.15.2)

  1. Sorry, I'm still a little confused. So if the setting in the config has the default of 45 but I've set it in the permissions to only be 10, which would they get? And would it be better to have those two numbers match since with the config default of 45 and the permission setting of 10, wouldn't this be forcing the plugin to check every permission anyway? If I wanted everyone to be limited to 10 stored pets, could I just remove the permission setting and set the config to 10?
  2. i cant not tame more pets why

    so is my Permission:

    - MyPet.command.switch.limit.10
  3. The permission is more important. The config option just limits the permission and therfore only the checks the plugin has to make in order to find the limit for the player. The best value for the config option is the highest permission you give to somebody.

    This permission has nothing to do with taming. This just limits how many pets can be stored beside the active pet.
  4. and why can i save more pets ?
  5. Are you OP?
  6. yes i am OP

    and not Normal Player has not OP
    i Searching a way to do för not OP Players
  7. OPs ignore the permission and use the value in the config.
  8. Hey All,

    Great plugin! I was wondering if there is a more efficient way to configure the Skill trees then using the interface? I want to setup some skill trees with like a hundred levels and while using the interface is easy it is very time consuming for something like that. Being able to copy and paste a config line and replace some values or something would be a lot quicker...

    If anyone knows a way to do this I would appreciate your help.

  9. Keyle was wondering if you were going to implement where you can put in the config weather or not the pet is pushable or not. My players having some issues where their put is pushing them off of ledges.
  10. Right now there is no way around that BUT I'm already thinking about how I could make that much easier so if you have any suggestions or ideas just send me massage.

    That is a damn 1.9 thing (beside 100 others) I need to find a fix for...
  11. Keyle,

    Thanks for the update and glad to hear you're looking into a way to rectify this issue.

    I'm not a coder so I'm not really sure if this would be possible given the way you've designed your plugin thus far but if we had an option to configure via a YML file or something like that, that would allow us to copy and paste levels to speed up the creation process. Even if you could create a format that we could then import into your GUI that would then be converted appropriately into whatever file format you use in the plugin that would work I think too. Below is how I could imagine the format:

    Code (Text):
        Skilltree: Tank
        Permission: MyPet.custom.skilltree.tank
        Custom Permission: Tank
        Display Name: Tank
        Maximum Level: 100
        Require Level: 1
        Description: "This is a tank based skill tree"
        SkilltreeIcon: 100
        HealthPerLevel: 1 (Optional)
        DamagePerLevel: 1 (Optional)
            - HP: 1
            - Damage: 1
            - HP: 1
            - Damage: 1
            - HP: 1
            - Damage: 1
    We could easily copy and paste the level section to speed up the process. Also, if we could add an option for counter stats like Health or Damage in the configuration that would simplify things that you want to add at every skill level. Then you could just focus on things that only upgrade every x amount levels like Inventory or Beacon perhaps...

    Hope that makes sense. Thanks again for the reply!
    • Repeating skill upgrades
    • easy to read file format (premium only)
    • New and easy to use GUI
    • Improved inheritance
    These are the things I have planned for the future of the Skilltree system.
  12. That sounds good! I would certainly donate for those enhanced features.

  13. I will use this plugin on your continued updates
  14. Thank you so much for keeping this plugin updated. My players truly enjoy it, and I'am looking forward to donating in the future :)
  15. I'm having an issue with my pet refusing to attack anything. With the default skilltrees everything works fine but if I create a new default.st file and overwrite the one that's there the mob doesn't seem to attack anything no matter what pet behavior mode I set it to.

    Has anyone seen this behavior before?
  16. No damage skill = no damage
  17. Ah ok...I had a damage skill but not until level 5. I thought it was just used to increase the base damage for the mob rather than actually give the pet attack AI. Thanks again for your support. I just donated for your time.
  18. It seems that the beacon feature not work... any information for this?