Spigot MyPreciousStone 1.1.0

Need to change PS field ownership due to Namechange? Find your PreciousStones and teleport to them!

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    MyPreciousStone - You forgot to set home? Find your PreciousStones and teleport to them!

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  2. Top man! Sent you some beer money :)
  3. Ty! I will get drunk! and probably embed some bugs in the next release...
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    myps.changeowner permission checks owner name change history.

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  5. worked great in our test environment, but loaded into live and it knocked off all our PS fields, unfortunately had to remove it to restore. No idea why it did this?
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  6. Same happened to me as frizzbee
  7. what exactly happened?
  8. PS just stops working, didn't get an errors that I see
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  9. yep, no errors that I recall, just ensuing chaos (and some very stressed admin staff contacting me!) lol :)
  10. I hope we can get this to work, as it will save an amazing amount of time on the server as players are changing names all over the show with multiple PS fields! :)
  11. Which version are you using? Staff on hcserver have been using it without any problems.
    Can you do "/myps debug true" to see anything comes up on console?
  12. Hi, apolagies, here is a paste of the error on PS's behalf. The download was from this site.


    MyPrecioustone loads ok according to the log

    also checked again, it actually killed PS in test too, but we didn't realise as we were looking if the plugin initialized, not at PS
  13. ah, are you using any plugin manager to "reload" the plugin? If so, the plugin manager failed to reload the plugin.
  14. Let me see whether I can remove any "static" dependencies.
  15. Hi, no we aren't using a plugin manager. We do use perworldplugins, but ps isnt included as it breaks? Also removed mypreciousstones allows the the PS plugin to then load normally?
  16. ?? MyPrecoiusStone "depends" on PrecousStone. So PS needs to be there before MyPS is loaded and enabled.
  17. I mean PS isnt included in perworldplugins 'controlled' plugins (the pastebin shows PS is there anyway), only that removal of mypreciousstones allows PS to load normally with no errors. Thanks