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  1. waiting for update
  2. in the message file everything was translated, but the standard messages still remained
  3. You'll need to be a bit more specific for me.. what messages, what version, what spigot version etc. I'll probably need your lang.yml file and so on
  4. lang.yml:
    git-Yatopia-17 (MC: 1.16.5)
    Myriad Clans

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  5. I don't support forks of Spigot other than Paper, so I won't be able to reproduce this exactly. However, can you send your minecraft log from startup?
  6. How to set tag max length?
  7. It is currently set to a maximum length of 10 - there isn't currently a config option to change that, but as I'm in the code to release for 1.17, let me see if I can put one in.

    If you have it, feel free to reach out directly on Discord
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    1.17 Version

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