Spigot MySQL API 3.0

A simplified API that will help you work with your Minecraft related database.

  1. Vagdedes submitted a new resource:

    MySQL API - A basic MySQL API that will help you work with your database.

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  2. You should not return a ResultSet, because you're never closing the statement now.
  3. I am fixing some things. A new update will come very soon
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  4. So, here I'am :D - Maybe you can add some useful packtes? Because, it's really hard to work with packetsm since you know how to perfectly code Minecraft 2.0 :D - So for beginners, it could be verry useful!
  5. Yeah, but packets make no sence in a MySQL API
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  6. Nice Work bro :)
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  7. Thank you :)
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  8. Thank you very much SyrektionPvP :)
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    Version 2.0

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  10. Hello,

    Works on BungeeCord?