Mysql database questions

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  1. So recently I have been working on a plugin and decided to make the database mysql for that extra speed :D However I have been having troubles with mysql (I have never really gotten along with it). I understand that mysql is basically a chart or spreadsheet like excel. However what I cannot seem to do is match the java mysql methods too parts of my excel metaphor. Basically I do not understand what methods do what. For example, lets say I was making a database starting with the player name in the first column and lets say something like umm the mood there in, in the second column. Now what methods would add a string for their mood in there? How would I find the line number with each players name? Whats the method to get the string for there mood? If someone could give a description of what method does what or link me to a good tutorial that would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks
  2. Im doing this with java...
  3. *facepalm*

    Read it. Then take what it taught you and apply it to your Java code.

    And no, before you reply: quit bitching. Just. Read. The. Bloody. Page.