MySQL Database Set Up and Connecting

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  1. Hello! So I successfully expanded my server to Bungee and I'd like to have my servers have a shared economy. Meaning, when a player does /bal, they should have the same amount of money on each server and if they earn money from a minigame, it should sync to the other servers.

    I'm trying to use this plugin to do this.
    His instructions are unclear, which server(s) do I create the MySQL database on? All of them? Or just BungeeCord? Also, which database do I put in the config of the plugin? I also don't know if I have to install this plugin on all my servers or just BungeeCord. If so, do I do the same to each config on each server?

    The plugin author's instructions were pretty bleak. It only tells you to install it, stop the server, generate the config, create the MySQL database, and put in the connection details into the config and then start the server up. It doesn't tell you which servers I should install this plugin on and which server needs the MySQL database and then it doesn't mention which of the databases go into which configs.

    Can anyone clear this up for me? Thanks in advance. :)
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  2. Bump :( Really need this. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Make a MySQL database put that plugin on all servers then connect it to the 1 database
  4. You create a database on one of the servers, doesn't really matter. (However it would be the smartest to pick the server with he most available RAM) Then you place the plugin on all the servers. Once the configurations are created you put the host (the IP of the server you put the database on) and the database name and the password of that database. It should then work.
  5. I installed the plugin on my Paintball and Survival server but when I do it on Bungee it doesn't generate a folder. I did get a response from the plugin author who said it is a Spigot/Bukkit plugin and it is not BungeeCord so I don't believe I'm supposed to install it there.

    I set all my configs to one MySQL database but it doesn't work. The database creates a table but I still have a per server balance. It doesn't want to share. On Survival I have $0 and on Paintball I have $100 that I gave to myself for testing purposes. What else could be wrong?