MySQL Database to Website? Help? Vote?

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  1. I am just wondering how I can add my Data from my database on to my website like an example:

    So here are my voters, but I have to do this manually... every end of the month:

    I would like to connect every player position with the top 10 voters what are on my database, which are shown here:

    So how can I add the info from my database to the website...

    Thanks Bran
  2. Been 9 days :/ Doesnt anyone know?
  3. What language/framework are you using for your site?
  4. Well a basic query would do the job:
    Code (Text):

    SELECT IGN, votes FROM galGALTotals ORDER BY votes DESC;
    This code would perfectly work when you reset your table monthly.
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  5. How could I check this because I am using Xenforo, and Cpanel
  6. You're going to want to hire a developer if you want custom data to appear on your XenForo instance.
  7. Ive got the page set up and everything through HTML
    here is the code:
  8. Yeah, HTML isn't really going to help you here.

    You need a site written in an actual programming language that will allow you to fetch data from your database. I'm sure if you create a thread in the Services and Recruitment section someone will be willing to do the job for you.
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