mySQL error: 1030 - got 1 error from storage engine

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  1. My plugin was working great about a week ago. Now suddenly I'm getting this database error. I googled this and found that this often means that the database ran out of memory. This makes no sense since my code rarely writes to the database (only when players login, logout, execute certain commands, and when a player runs out of money to afford a prison cell rental). Additionally my server is still in development so there are no players other than me and my Co-Owner that are in the database. I can provide code if necessary but I dont know where to start since the error could be anywhere and I really dont think the error is in my code since it was working before and there are very few situations where the code writes to the database. If anyone has been in a similar situation like this before and knows how to fix the database then that would be much appreciated. I read it may have something to do with log files but I have no clue where to find those and how to delete them in phpMyAdmin which is what I'm using. This is my first time working with a database so Im a bit overwhelmed by the controlPanel. Additionally I know this may not exactly be a spigot problem (though it may be, I'm not sure) but since databases are used heavily with spigot I still feel like this post could be beneficial to many spigot users and plugin developers so I don't think its wrong to post this here.
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