MySQL /etc/mysql/my.cnf not generating correctly?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by TheMasteredPanda, May 21, 2016.

  1. Alright, so I am having the problem off allowing external connections to my webserver. But whenever I go into the /etc/mysql/my.cnf it only shows me 21 lines and I cannot see the "bind-address" option in the my.cnf file let alone any other of the options. I don't know what information is required in order for you to tell me what I have done wrong but, can anyone help be with this small dilemma?

    Panda :).
  2. running Ubuntu 16.04 atm. And no that doesn't work, it comes up with a blank file?
  3. I had this problem too on Ubuntu 16.04. I restarted my laptop and it worked normal... might be a 16.04 thing, it never happened on 14.04.
  4. Slightly annoying, alright I'll work around it (some how)
  5. I agree it's annoying, I got 2 more errors followed by this one, and it basically didn't load my connections to databases and so on.
    I guess backing up those files somewhere form time to time could be useful.

    Did you try the Ubuntu forums to see if there's an actual fix/ideas on how to fix it? I suppose their forums would be a more appropriate place to look for solution to this.
  6. Yeah I'll hit it up on the Ubuntu forums too, ofc going back to 14.04 on my web server it's really a fuss as I just started configuring this node today but I am disappointed that I didn't work out as planned though xD. Thanks for your help guys <3.
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