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  1. Hi, i have recently started my own server and i got my self LiteBans but im have a bit of a pickle trying to understand how to set up the MySQL to the website. Could any one help me out, with it / show me the ropes of what i got to do.
  2. This is straight out the config file of LiteBans:
    Code (Text):
      # H2, MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL are supported database drivers.
      driver: H2

      ## MySQL/PostgreSQL settings ##
      # If using H2, the database will be stored in the LiteBans plugin folder,
      # and most of these settings won't apply.

      # Database server address.
      address: localhost:3306

      # Database name, username and password.
      database: 'litebans'
      username: ''
      password: ''
    This is simply a matter of plug and paste. Just fill out the information with the MySQL database that you were provided (asuming your host provided you one). Hope this helped :)
  3. I understand on how to set it up on the config my problem is that the hosts providers that I have for my server they offer free Website and Free MySQL service. The problem is putting the lite bans panel for the website onto my cPanel.
  4. Oh, you mean creating the web interface for LiteBans using a MySQL database?
  5. Yes sir i was wondering if you can do a step by step guide on how to set it up. If you can put as much details as possible to it i would appreciate it, cause at this moment I'm completely lost on how to set up. If you can use cPanel for the information set up that would be greatly appreciated
  6. There is an Installation Process in the Plugin description:
    - Setup Database
    - Upload Data to Website
    - Connect Website with Database
    - Setup Plugin Configuration and Connect to Database
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