MySQL or Main yml

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What is better?

  1. MySQL syncing though all servers

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  2. An yml file located outside the server folder and all servers access it

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  3. They are both nice

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  1. Basis ly this is a poll where I ask what for you is better using for bungeecord(or single server) data storage and in bungee case cross server syncing
  2. MySQL because it's faster and likely to be a lot more reliable.
  3. That question is going to generate a lot of subjective answers, as people will use whatever they're most comfortable with.
  4. Nice point
    Yea but i think that most people or at least I hope can do a healthy argument about this.

    Personally I've been using a system that creates an yml file for each user on.".. /.. /server-data/player-data/"+ uuid +".yml";

    And there storing all type of informations, I also have been thinking on migrating to MySQL, or not so I created this thread to checkout pros and cons
  5. Definitely MySQL. Its more flexible in that if you ever wanted to port forward your data to say your website, you can easily do that. On the other hand it'd be weird to have your web server running at a point of access that is the same as your Minecraft servers.
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