Premium MySQL Player Data Bridge [Paid]

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  1. When 1.16.3?
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  2. I have the exact same issue, I hope the plugin could be updated soon in next few hours
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  3. Please support for 1.16.3 my server was broken and my player can't play on the server...

    And also can I have an answer for this problem :

    13.09 07:38:23 [Server] INFO DjeyMute issued server command: /vente 10
    13.09 07:38:23 [Server] WARN [MysqlPlayerDataBridge] Auction House reported an invalid an Buyer invalid UUID:

    /vente is similar to /ah sell <price> for the Auction House plugin. It's the action for sell a item.
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  4. Hi. New to this plugin, looks great. Only got one question:
    I wanted to combine this with "Custom EnderChest" plugin, But when I install CEC then the sync doesn't work anymore. Isn't there a way to combine the 2 plugins? If I uninstall CEC everything works as expected over bungeecord.
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  5. Update for 1.16.3 pls
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  6. Coming up, sorry guys, I was gone in this weekend
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  7. Hello, i have a question, i see in my DB that the armor string is "

    How do i convert that to something readable, for example: "Head: Diamond helmet; Chest: Diamond Chestplate etc..." is there a way to do it?
  8. only if you clear database data
  9. here is how to convert the base64 sting into ItemStack array: inventory Encoding Sample
  10. Hi again, any answer on this? I was looking forward to using this together with CEC.
  11. Hi again, this is really important, hope you see it:

  12. Custom Enderchest creates a virtual enderchest as the vanilla built it size cannot be changed. MPDB only handles the vanilla enderchest storage. Your solution is if you use custom enderchest is to disable enderchest sync for MPDB and user custom enderchest mysql storage option this will allow you to sync data on more servers, if you use flat file storage there is a command to import data to the database so you can switch to musql.
  13. the storage for ender, armor and inventory is encrypted, how can i decode them for transfer?

    EDIT: saw the answer above...
  14. Can you create a plugin called DataCleanFTP?
    There is nothing like this on the internet, and your MPDB plugin does it perfectly, but I wanted a plugin that would only clean ftp

  15. Not sure if this it supposed to work or not, or if Minecraft even allows it.. I have a map with an image on it made from Bannerboard(See image below) and when I go to the another server, it seems to not take the image or data inside the map with it? The ID of the map also seems to reset? Not sure if this is the cause. Hopefully these images will be helpful; (Could it be related to map meta perhaps?)
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  16. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I must have been sleeping. CEC works perfect on it's own over bungee. Think I screwed something up in LuckPerms.
  17. Is the player's data slow to read is related to RAM?
    Equipped with i9-9900K 8G