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  1. I did that, no matter how you disconnect mod arena code shows that it is should restore the inventory when the player left and then few ticks later mpdb syncs the inventory, all I can do at this point is try detect when the player is in an arena and prevent save of his inventory.
  2. I can't find any reports here about anything on April 30th so I don't know
  3. It was in a PM. I understand, from your reply to my review, that you ignore PMs, so I understand why you can't find it. You have the information now in the message you've quoted - can you fix it?
  4. I have almost 400 unread messages, it's too spamy there. Yes, I need to think of a way to make it compatible with the new chestshop version but also keep it compatible with the old one.
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  5. Bugreport

    Since some versions I am encountering an issue that when you try to modify an offline players inventory the Items still will be in his inventory when take them and reopen the inventory.
    Occurred on Spigot 1.8.8 MPDB 3.29.0
  6. When I stop my server, and there are players, it crashes. I think it's because the plug-in kick the players and does something but there is not even an error message. Can someone help me?
  7. I need a full server log when that happens, on my server it works fine. Also a crash log if there is one.
  8. There's a minor exploit with ChestShop compatibility. If a player makes a chest shop to buy items from other players, they can go to a different server and have someone sell to that shop, which doesn't take their money away right away on the server they're on, then they can send all their money to someone else and log back into the server where their shop was, where their money will then be taken for the item sales, and put them into a negative balance.
  9. can support CMI Economy commands for offline players.?
  10. When using /mpdb inv to remove items from a player's inventory, their items are actually removed, however when using /mpdb armor to remove armour, I can take the armour out but when I run the command again, they still have the armour on.
  11. When I stop my server, and there are players, it crashes. I think it's because the plug-in kick the players and does something but there is not even an error message. Can someone help me?
  12. If you don't already (by looking at a profiler- it appears this may not be happening), it'd be cool if you batched queries for fetching/saving an individual player into one query against the DB to reduce amount of round-trips!
  13. Forgive the silly question, do I have to purchase both Essentials MySQL Storage or does this sync everything in that plugin too?
  14. Hi dear:
    Is it possible to implement support for RPGinventory?
  15. Does this support Multiverse-Inventories?
  16. Running this alongside your Essentials MySQL plugin:

    Essentials is also in a MySQL now but this saves and kicks players BEFORE inventories save, so on a daily reboot inventories MAY get rolled back a maximum of 1 minute (it autosaves that much)

    This could lead to duping, loss of items and other issues..
  17. Yes it's a limitation, any suggestions?

    CMI already has mysql built in for storage so you should disable economy sync and use CMI built in mysql storage option.

    Thanks I will look into this.

    Again, I need server logs or crash reports.

    I'm not sure how to do that, any tips?

    Hi, Essentials MySQL Storage only saves Essentials plugin data to database and this plugin only player data like inventory, enderchest, exp... data stored in player.dat file . So they don't do the same thing.

    Please give me a link to that plugin

    No this only saves vanilla inventory that is stored in player.dat file. Does not work for other virtual inventory storages.

    Thanks I will look into it.
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  18. Failed to reproduce it on my test server, I need more data to work on:
    • server version
    • plugin version
    • is the target player online or offline?
    • any errors on logs?