MySQL - Should I use SSL?

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    My SHP (Server Hosting Provider) offers a MySQL database but it doesn't support SSL (and it's probably outdated?). From what I can see it looks like a lot of plugins that support MySQL also support SSL.

    Hypothetically speaking, let's say I run a 1.16.5 Minecraft server with 100 players online all of the time (so not just a server I play on alone).

    How important is it for MySQL database to utilize SSL?
    Does SSL increase lag on the server or data transfer time if the server is large?

    How can I find the version of my MySQL database and what is the latest version of MySQL that is best for Minecraft servers to utilize?

    Also, where do you recommend renting MySQL databases to use for Minecraft servers?
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    Raesak Previously iTrollHard

    should this thread be posted to a different category?
  3. SSL will have a trivial performance impact. Try getting a SSL based service if possible.