Spigot MySQL Tokens 1.4

Economy System with tokens (Customizable Messages)

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    MySQL Tokens - Economy System with tokens (Customizable Messages)

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  2. good i want it for my network :D
  3. :D
  4. Does this support vault?
  5. no.....
  6. Well how can I use it with a shop plugin? If you don't have enough points, it will not take away the points and just give you the item anyway, meaning you get a free item. How can I use this as a shop payment?
  7. use the removeifenough command :)
  8. But with boss shop that'd excute both that command and still give the item????
  9. What item are you selling?
  10. Not an item, I am selling a crate key. (So it'd do /crate gk <name> ect)
  11. Lol, everyone has to check out this plugin! The support is amazing and it's what every network needs for voting! Makes it so awesome to make it compatible with any shop plugin that can execute a command as op or console #ChestCommands. But yeah, check this plugin out, very much recommended from a server expert my self :)