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  1. Hi one question.. i want tous use my own plugins without bungeecord so..
    I was wondering if can somehow set mysql to use /tp <player> to another server or /locate (to find where player is with mysql ?
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  2. Why not just use the built in /send and /find commands? xD
  3. You dont understand lol :) /tp to another player not send.. without bungeecord.. only with mysql if is somehow possible lol :p
  4. As far as I'm concerned, It's possible for sure, but I don't know how :p
  5. Ok so possible is this is nice :) now i need to figured out how lool :p thank you for your time :)
  6. MySQL and Bungeecord are completely different systems, they serve different purposes. Bungeecord is essentially a proxy layer between the player and the server, you can't emulate that part with MySQL.
  7. actually, you could, you could create a bungee plugin that finds the server of the target player, send the command sender to said server and with either mysql or a messaging channel, wait until the player is in the target server and then teleport them to the target player
  8. Well, I don't know why you won't use bungeecord for it... this is soo much easier with bungeecord... Since you almost only have to change the send.jar to the cmd /tp and then really send the player. But it is up for you what you want...
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    You do understand that MySQL is just an RDBMS right?
  10. So you missed the part where you would be making a bungee plugin while not using bungeecord.
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    This is why the Bungee Messaging Channel exists:
    Setup a system where every few seconds the server will send a query to fetch the players on each server (using PlayerList, find all the servers on the network using GetServer) and store the received data in your plugin. Then make your commands find which server the target player is on and do whatever.
  12. Thank you i just made one before you post ;)
    thank you anyway :)
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  13. Yes well i type some words in post wrong so :)