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  1. Hello, I am planing on changing my server to a bungee cord server and for my plugins I need to know how to create a mysql database. I don't want to host it on my computer and I would like to have a business do it for me. Is there a way I can get a mysql database for free but not have to host it on my computer. If not please tell me one I can use that costs a little amount of money.
  2. I asked if anyone could link me a good one. If you know a good one that I can use please tell me, I have been searching there for quite a bit now and none of them see good. If not please just leave me alone.
  3. How much are you willing to spend monthly?
  4. How about 2$ what would that give me?
  5. I personally use Ubuntu, it's lightweight.
  6. And I can still use it for my plugins as mysql right?
  7. Well ya, you need to know a little Linux, and you can look at tutorials on how to setup a MySQL server and allow incoming connections :)
  8. TomTheDeveloper


    If you aren't capable of doing it, I am willing to help you with it :) (for free of course)
  9. I am too! Just let us know if you need any support, I'm just waiting around!
  10. Most minecraft server host's allow free sql databases within their panel
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